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Other places to visit in Manizales

 The Nevado del Ruiz

The Nevado del Ruiz Park, located inside the National Park Los Nevados, is the most visited in the country. Located in the heart of Colombia, on the axis of the Central mountain, in a 45km range from the city of Manizales.

During the visit, the following activities are available for tourists:

  • Guidance and Hiking
  • Visit to the Nevado del Ruiz glacier (sometimes restricted by level III of volcanic activity).
  • Visit to other snowy and lagoons of the park such as: snowed of the Tolima, snowed of Santa Isabel, snowed of the Swan, snowed of the Quindío, lagoon of the Otún, waterfall of Gualí, green lagoon.
  • Rock climbing.
  • The mountain by bicycle.

Note: Some of these activities require prior authorization at the office of the National Park Los Nevados at (6) 8864104 and 8864703 in Manizales or at the Special Administrative Unit of the National Park System in Bogotá D.C.

Location: Suburb of Manizales Address: 45 km from Manizales Telephone: +57 (6) 8812065 – 321 8031661 E-mail: mercadeonevados@gmail.com

White River

Hydrographic and Forest Reserve, Ecological Park, AICA (Area of Environmental Interest for the Conservation of Wild Birds in the Neotropics), an area of 4,343 hectares, of which 3,217 are in Forests between 2,200 and 3,800 m.s.n.m.

This area provides the 35% of the water consumed in the Municipality of Manizales. Its main tourist attraction is the Bird Watching, with an inventory of about 400 species. In addition, it has 61 species of mammals, 41 species of native orchids, 180 species of diurnal butterflies, 26 species of bromeliads and 33 species of hummingbirds.

It has trails that run between 20 minutes and 8 hours, always accompanied by specialized guides. Río Blanco is administered by Aguas de Manizales S.A. E.S.P. and develops its activities in the Gabriel Arango Restrepo Ecological Foundation – FUNDEGAR.

Location: 3 kilometers to the Norheastern of the urban center of Manizales contiguous to the Minitas neighborhood (Bocatoma).
Address: Avenida Kevin Ángel # 59 – 181 Aguas de Manizales S.A. E.S.P. Telephone: (6) 8879770 Ext. 72187 Fax: (6) 8754082 E-mail: socampo@aguasdemanizales.com

Botanic Garden of the University of Caldas

It has a collection of herbal plants with more than 15 thousand existing species, a collection of insects with about 450 species, a collection of mushrooms with more than one hundred thousand specimens. Its extension comprises an area of 7 hectares distributed in the following zones:

Orquídeorama • Ethnobotany • Didactic Social Zone • Greenhouses • Nurseries • Ecological Trails • Andean Jungle • Non Contaminant Agriculture • Arboretum • Biological Reserve Zone

Location: Palogrande Address: Calle 65 No. 26 – 10 Universidad de Caldas Telephone: +57 (6) 8781588 Fax: +57 (6) 8781588

E-mail: jarbouc@cumanday.ucaldas.edu.co