IX International Congress on Silvopastoral Systems

Livestock’s Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

 Manizales, Colombia.
September 6 – 8, 2017


Silvopastoral Systems stand out among the most important options to face the challenges within the guidelines of the sustainable development that is demanded of the livestock sector of grazing on a global scale, due to the increase of the world population and the change of consumption patterns that lead to An increased demand for proteins of animal origin, which must be addressed without further affecting the natural resource base, as well as guarantee the welfare of animals, generate diversified products and safer foods with better quality.

Ibero-America demonstrates leadership in the research and application of silvopastoral knowledge, which supplies livestock goods and at the same time favors the adaptation and mitigation of climate change, biodiversity conservation, the fight against land degradation and the maintenance of Ecosystem services of rural landscapes; All these endorsed by conventions of the United Nations.


Latin America and the Caribbean, have already considerable experience in the organization of congresses on sustainable livestock, within the framework of livestock agroforestry encompassing silvopastoral systems. In 1999, the first Congress was held in Cali, Colombia, convened by the CIPAV Foundation and FAO, which formed a network of experts on the subject. CATIE and several universities and research centers from several countries joined in this initiative. The process since then has been continuous and successful. The second congress was held in San José, Costa Rica, in 2001; The third in Merida (Yucatán), Mexico in 2004; The fourth in Varadero, Cuba in 2006; The fifth in Maracay, Venezuela in 2008; The sixth in Panama City, Panama in 2010; The seventh in Belen (Pará), Brazil in 2012 and the eighth in Iguazú (Misiones) Argentina in 2015.

The IX International Congress on Silvopastoral Systems

It is based in the beautiful city of Manizales, department of Caldas – Colombia from 6 to 8 September 2017.

Main Sessions

Livestock for sustainable management of watersheds and environmental services.
Animal welfare in silvopastoral systems
Adaptation to climate change and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Quality of food originated in silvopastoral systems
Institutions and civil society in regional development with sustainability: the transformation of conventional livestock with land management and silvopastoral systems.


Red Global Silvopastoril, Ganadería Colombiana Sostenible (FEDEGAN, CIPAV, TNC, Fondo Acción; Ministerios de Ambiente y Desarrollo Territorial y Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural, DNP), Comité Departamental de Ganaderos, Universidad de Caldas, SENA regional Caldas, CORPOICA.

Call for papers:

Opening: September 01, 2016
Deadline: January 30, 2017

Pre-congress and post-congress events: theoretical-practical courses, technical tours, symposiums and specialized workshops.

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